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Office 365: How to replicate SharePoint intranet content to cloud extranet

It’s fairly easy to build extranets for your clients, vendors or other partners with SharePoint Online or Office 365, e.g. for collaboration or mobile access. Compared to adding your partners securely to your internal infrastructure (e.g. Active Directory), a cloud-based extranet could … Continue reading

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SharePoint & SAP: Integration was never that easy, seamless and cost effective

Integration of external line of business data is one of the hottest topic in each and every SharePoint project. Many issues still exists using Business Data Connectivity Services (BCS) and Web Services, especially with SAP: Configuration is quite complex, at some … Continue reading

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Office 365: How to migrate or integrate enterprise data to the cloud?

A data-integration strategy needs to be within the foundation of every cloud computing plan. This integration needs to be innate to the architecture; it  can’t be something you’re reminded of at the rollout meeting 😉 But migration and especially integration … Continue reading

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IE9: How to display the page title in the windows title bar of Internet Explorer 9?

This post is about how to enable the web page title display in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 windows title bar – as it was before with version 8. Generally I like IE9. But removing the page title  “<title>My Website Title</title>” in … Continue reading

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Hello WorldPress World!

Moved to today from MSN. Mhmhm, not so bad.

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SharePoint 2010 Knowledge Management Suite – Tagging Extensions and Knowledge Browsing

While Microsoft has provided a state of the art API-based backend solution for taxonomy management and search, the Knowledge Management Suite for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 offered by Layer2 is focused on improved content tagging, knowledge browsing, navigation and content discovery: … Continue reading

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – Facebook für’s Unternehmen?

Mit der Version 2010 kommt Microsoft SharePoint Server auf dem Weg von der Zusammenarbeit zum Wissensmanagement einen riesigen Schritt weiter: Neue Leistungsmerkmale ermöglichen jetzt die Implementierung von  Wissensmanagement Lösungen auf einem soliden technischen Fundament. Als "Betriebssystem 2.0" verbindet SharePoint 2010 … Continue reading

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