IE9: How to display the page title in the windows title bar of Internet Explorer 9?

This post is about how to enable the web page title display in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 windows title bar – as it was before with version 8.

Generally I like IE9. But removing the page title  “<title>My Website Title</title>” in the windows title bar of IE9 is one of the greatest disadvantages ever in IE history. It leaves an useless empty space on top of the browser window.

But page titles are very important in the web: They are shown in search engines, define ranking, are some kind of headline for the visitors. With IE9 page titles are displayed in page tabs only, shorten in almost any cases. To see the title, I have to move the mouse to the tab, to display some kind of tooltip. Mhmmhmh….

Here is what to do, to get the page title back as it was with IE8:

1. Install this add on (you can hide it later on, no side effects 😉

2. Configure it to display the page title in IE9

3. Configure it to display no additional buttons. Then the (not useful) Quero toolbar disappears completely. But keep the add-on activated.

The web page title is displayed again in the windows title bar in IE9 as it was before with IE8.

You can display the web page title bar in IE9 as it was before with IE8

How to display page title in IE9 windows title bar?

Next question: Why the IE9 back-button is cropped and how to repair? 😉

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16 Responses to IE9: How to display the page title in the windows title bar of Internet Explorer 9?

  1. ben says:

    Thanks for the info! You’re completely right, what were they thinking? Wasted space!

  2. Andreas Brede says:

    Hi Frank,
    no need to repair! I found out that it works like this: keep mousbutton pressed for a short while and steps of browsing history will appear and now may be chosen as before. – Would be great if you could send me a message, when you have found rhe registry hack for titlebar.
    Best wishes

    PS: See, what “cestpasmafaute” has posted here

    • Yeah, Right! says:

      lol… the cropped back button thing was obiously a joke… nervermind.

      • Andreas Brede says:

        Sehr geehrter Herr Daske,
        mit Erstaunen sehe ich, dass Sie meine Mitteilung doch noch irgendwann veröffentlicht haben.

        Ich möchte Sie bitten, meine beiden Einträge
        April 13, 2011 at 6:22 am
        April 13, 2011 at 9:22 am
        UNVERZÜGLICH zu löschen.

        Mit freundlichen Grüßen

  3. Andreas says:

    Sorry, you didn’t like my explanation about the back-button thing. Never mind, that’s just impolite. Won’t post here anymore.

  4. Brian Baker says:

    I believe I followed these instructions exactly, but the title bar in IE9 is still blank after I installed this toolbar and configured it as shown on this page. Am I supposed to reboot my computer after this procedure, or just re-launch IE9?

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  6. do you know how i open the quero properties again once it hides itself?

    • Kevin Fegan says:

      I looked for this answer for a long time too…

      When you un-check:
      [ ] Quero
      on the appearance tab of Quero Options, you no longer have a button to bring up the Quero menu.

      But, you can press [Alt+Q] anytime and the Quero menu will be shown and then you can click “Options” to see and edit the properties/preferences.


  7. simple says:

    If you don’t mind the ‘classic look’; just put your theme to classic. It is the new theme style which disables the title. With the classic look, the title still displays properly. (Also on all other windows, so no need for aerobar etc…).

  8. i have four computers in my home and thankfully i still have two with the older version of IE installled so i can check them to see what the page titles are. You can see page titles on a cellphone or smartphone as I do on my Blackberry Torch web browser, so i can check a web sites title any time on the fly. Hope this helps.

    • Kevin Fegan says:

      This use of Quero to restore the web-page-title in the title-bar on IE9 works great, and the configuration described in this article sets Quero to take up almost no space, but if you don’t want to install another toolbar, I guess you could just click [View] -> [Source] to immediately see the web-page-title. Look for the tag which is (usually) near the top, within the first few lines of HTML source text.

      So if you click [View] -> [Source] while displaying this page, then you will find something like this:
      IE9: How to display the page title in the windows title bar of
      Internet Explorer 9? | Frank Daskes SharePoint & Office 365 Blog

      This seems to me to be easier than finding your smartphone and opening its browser and typing in a URL, especially a long complicated one.


  9. Mr. Hola says:

    You guys do know what the page title is displayed in the Tabs, right? If the page title is longer than the tab just leave the mouse cursor on it for a second. No need to install any add-on that potentially slows down your IE.

    • Kevin Fegan says:

      Thanks for mentioning that. For some, it may be good enough to see the first few characters of the title… others (including myself), want to see more.

      Especially if you have many tabs open, the tab only shows as few as 5 to 10 characters of the title.

      1) As you switch tabs, you have to look in a different place to see the page title. If the title is where it belongs (in the “Title Bar”), you always know exactly where to look.

      2) Using Quero to show the title does not increase the size of the IE window, or reduce the size of the browsing space.

      3) Using the mouse to hover over the tab works, but it is (for me) a less desirable solution…
      a) Again, you have to visually locate the tab which means for each page you look in a different place,
      b) you have to grab the mouse, which, if you are using the keyboard at the time means a (minor) disruption,
      c) you have to move the mouse to that relatively small specific location,
      d) you have to hold the mouse (hover) in place for a bit before the title/tool-tip shows,
      e) after a time of hovering, the title/tool-tip goes away, and
      f) after you are done, you may have to move the mouse back to the place you previously had it, if you need to use the mouse to click or drag something.

      4) If(/when) Microsoft included an option to display the title in the Title Bar, none of this would even be an issue.


  10. Victor says:

    So I downloaded this and I have the title in the bar, but the font of the title is much too dark for the title bar. I’ve tried adjusting the settings on my computer, but it’s still not easy to see the title. I have to tilt my screen. Can I somehow change the color of the font of the title?

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